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  • preFilledCredentials - array of Pre-filled Credential structures

    This section is used when the interaction contains Self-Attested credentials that should be pre-filled from QR/Web-link e.g. Session ID or User ID to match your user with the credentials shared by ProofSpace App user and received by your backend via webhook.


    Code Block
      credentialId: '<YOUR_CREDENTIAL_ID>',
      attributes: [
        {name: '<Attribute1 name>', value: '<Attribute1 value>'},
        {name: '<Attribute2 name>', value: '<Attribute2 value>'},
        // ... other pre-filled attributes

Note: the fields attribute values in WebhookCredentialValuesDTO[ ] should all be string.

According to the attribute type, which is set in the credential schema, values should be set to:
Text — text itself
Date — string with the number of seconds since epoch.
Number — number as string. If this number is float, than '.' used as decimal point "222.2222"
ImageURL -- url as string. // NOT USED YET
Enumeration -- numeric enumeration value as string, i.e. "0", "1",..etc

Actual value types will be casted on credential issue attribute display in the app according to the credential schema attribute types.