Clients Page









Navigate to the “Clients” tab

Click on the “Clients” tab of the main menu on the left side of the screen.



The "Clients" page will appear.

By default, information from the ProofSpace user profile will be displayed in five columns on this page, along with the DID (Decentralized identifier of the client) column for each client. 


Set columns visibility

The instructions for changing column visibility can be found in the "Dashboard/Clients page column and data visibility" section of



The data in each column can be sorted. See more info in of this overview.


Client Information Page

Select the client DID. The page with all the available information about this client will appear.

This page contains four tabs: Client info, Credentials, Interactions, and Message.

More info about this page can be found on .


In the search bar, input the available client’s information and press the "Enter" button on the keyboard.

Press the cross in the search box to return to the original clients' list.

Creating new filter

See how to set up filters in the section of this overview.


Send notification

These notifications will be received by all clients currently displayed (filtered) on this page.

To send a notification, click the "Send notification" button. Fill in the title and text in the "Send notification" pop-up window.

An interaction can be proposed to the client. Click on the "Proposed Interaction" field. Select the interaction from the drop-down list.

Click “Send.”


Generate report

Click the "Generate Report" button. A report (CSV file) for all the shown (filtered) clients will be generated and downloaded.