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Login/Sign up

If you are a new user, on the "Login"/"Sign up" page, select a language and click "Sign up".

If you are already a user, enter your e-mail and password and click “Login”.

Sign up

On the "Sign up" page, enter an e-mail and password (twice) and then click "Sign up." The confirmation code will be sent to the specified e-mail address. This code is valid for 10 minutes.



Enter the code sent to the provided e-mail address and then click “Submit code“.


Select installation plan

In case of selecting ProofSpace cloud, your service agent and service DID keys will be hosted on ProofSpace cloud. If you are considering hosting a service agent on your side, please select "On-prem" and our support team will contact you with further instructions. Support for “On-prem” installation may cost an additional support fee.



Select payment plan

Choose a monthly or annual payment plan. The first month is free of charge. Payment will be taken in the second month.

If you are planning to add multiple services, please contact our support team to get a special offer.


Select add-ons

Select the "SSI OAuth" add-on if you want to enable your users to authenticate for your services or sites with verifiable credentials. More info can be found on our support page.


Create a new service

Enter the name of the service in the name field.

Type a brief description of the service. When a mobile application client first views the service's page, this description will be displayed.

From the "Countries" drop-down list, select the country in which the service will be available, or select "Global" if the service will be available worldwide.

Select the category of your service from the "Categories" drop-down list (optional).

Your service will be shown in the list of services when the specified service category is searched.

Add key words for your service in the corresponding field (optional).


Add banner and logo

Upload the service logo and banner

The logo will be visible next to the service name in the mobile app. The recommended logo size is 180 × 180 pixels.

The banner will be visible at the top of the service interaction screen.

We accept PNG images with a maximum size of 500 Kb.

The recommended banner size is 1200 × 600 pixels.



Click “Finish“.

Note that created and approved services are assigned a public identifier (DID), which will be written to the blockchain and cannot be removed in the future. You will not be able to delete an approved service, but only disabled it for the access of our mobile application clients.


Your service has been submitted for review. Here's what's coming up next:

Your service order has been sent to ProofSpace for review. This usually happens within 2 hours during European working hours. When it is reviewed we will send you access to your service and additional instructions by e-mail.

Click the “To my orders list“ button to see your orders.



The status of the new service will be “In review“.

Information about this service can be edited only after the service is approved by the ProofSpace support team.

To delete this service, click the "Delete" icon. Access to a service that has been deleted cannot be restored.



The service may be rejected by the ProofSpace support team if it breaches ProofSpace Terms of Use. In this case, the status of this service will be changed to "Rejected".



When your service is approved, the login and password will be sent to the specified e-mail address. The status of the service will change to "Active," and the button "Open Service" will appear next to the status. Click the "Open service" button.


Log in to the service

The service dashboard login page appears on the new browser tab.

Enter the login and password and click "Log in".


Reset password

To reset the password on the Login page, click “Forgot your password?“



Enter the e-mail address specified when creating the service, and then click “Confirm email“



Enter the code, that was sent to the specified e-mail address and click “Confirm code“.


Follow the link provided in this e-mail.




Enter the new password (twice) and click “Reset password“.