How to add ProofSpace <> Veriff integration to your flow

Veriff is a leading global identity verification service that provides automatic identity verification using AI technology. It supports over 11,300 recognized document specimens from 230 countries and territories in 48 languages. Automatic document recognition and user guidance deliver a 6-second average verification time, making it seamless for users.
ProofSpace's integration with Veriff offers users enhanced security and a seamless user experience with full control over their data, a vital SSI attribute.








Create a Credential Definition

On your ProofSpace dashboard, click the “Schemas“ tab.

On the “Schemas“ page, select “Public schemas.“

Find “Veriff Document Verification“ schema and click “Create.“



On the new page, tick the checkbox “Service-attested.“

Click “Create.“


Please prepare the credential definition ID that you just created and the API key, Shared secret you received from ProofSpace.

To find the credential definition ID, go to the “Schemas“ tab and select “My Credential Definitions.“ Find the “Veriff Document Verification“ credential definition and copy it’s ID.







Install the “Veriff IDV Gateway“ extension to your service

On your service dashboard, go to the "Extensions" tab and click "Install Extension."

Select "Public extensions."

Next, find the "Veriff IDV Gateway" extension and click "Install."




On the pop-up window, enter the Credential definition’s ID you created at the first step, and the API key and Shared secret you received from ProofSpace support .

Click "Submit."


Create a new interaction on theProofSpace dashboard

To issue a document verified by "Veriff" as a verifiable credential (VC), you can either create a new interaction on your service dashboard or edit an existing one.

This interaction will redirect your client (the mobile app user) to the Veriff mobile SDK. Following a few simple steps, your client will submit their documents for verification. If the verification is successful, your client will be automatically issued the VC through the webhook within a couple of moments.

This credential will include your service's logo, similar to all the other credentials issued by your service.


You can watch a video demonstrating the mobile user experience of the verification process and credential issuance.


Add interaction

On the "Interactions" tab of your service's dashboard, click "Add interaction."

On the next page, name this interaction.

Add an icon for it.

Select the initiation media (button or QR).









Set required credential definition

On the “Required credential definitions” section, click “Select“, add the “Notification ID“ credential definition of the “ProofSpace ID” service.

Click “OK.”


Set issued credential definition

Click “Select“ on the “Issued credential definitions“ section, choose the credential definition you created based of the “Veriff Document Verification” schema and click “OK.“


Save interaction

Additionally, you can add messages for your clients that they will receive during the execution of this interaction in the "Notification flow" section.

After setting up all these details, click “Done.“


Add the extension to the interaction

Click the "Edit" icon next to the name of the interaction you just created.



Click “Select“ on the “Extension Setup“ section.

On the pop-up window, click “Add” next to the ".Veriff IDV Gateway" extension.

Click “Submit.“

Now, to save this interaction, click "Done."