Verifiable Credential

A Verifiable Credential is a signed piece of information issued from the Credential Definition, which is generated from the structured list of typed attributes defined in the Credential Schema.

A Credential Schema can be created for private use by the service that created it or made public for use by any other services within the ProofSpace network.

A Credential Definition can be generated by the same service that created the credential schema or by any other service in the ProofSpace network, using publicly available schema to generate its own credential definition.

This approach facilitates the verification of trust chains, enables selective disclosure, and allows Zero-Knowledge predicates/proofs upon credential attributes.

Credential definitions may be of two types: Self-Attested and Service-Attested.

"Self-Attested" means that the user provides and attests to the accuracy of the information in the ProofSpace app. In this context, it implies that the credentials or information have not been issued or verified by any external service. Users take the responsibility for submitting and vouching for the correctness of the details without external validation.

“Service-Attested” means that a credential will be created, signed, and issued by the service to a user.


Credential Schema → Credential Definition → Verifiable Credential