The client's mobile phone operating system's language is automatically set as the client's ProofSpace mobile application language. If the ProofSpace mobile application is unavailable in the client's mobile phone operating system language, the ProofSpace app language will be automatically set as English.

In this case, you can localize the names and descriptions of interactions and credentials' attributes for the mobile app users of your service.

To do so, first, you need to add a new supported language to your dashboard.

To add or delete the supported language, go to the "Service Info "page, click "Select" in the corresponding section, and check the checkbox next to the chosen language. Click "OK" and then click "Done. "

Then, you can add localized interactions and credential attribute names and descriptions for the chosen language(s).

To localize the interaction name and description, go to the "Interactions "tab, click on the particular interaction name, and, on the "Interaction Info "tab, click on the "Localization "icons and add a localized name and description for this interaction.

Note that you can localize only names and descriptions of the saved interactions.

To localize the credential attribute's name or description:

  1. Go to the "Schemas "page.

  2. On the "My Credential Definitions "tab, click on the particular credential definition's ID.

  3. Click on each attribute's name or description of which you want to localize.

  4. Click the Localization icon next to the corresponding field, select a language, and add the attribute name translated into the chosen language.