SSO Sign up

Welcome to our Single Sign-On (SSO) page! Easily sign up and log in to access your account and create and manage your services. Navigate between "My Access" to view the services you have access to and "My Services" to create, oversee, and modify your existing services.







Login/Sign up

To sign in or sign up to the ProofSpace account, go to the ProofSpace website and click the “Login“ button or go to .

Note that you can sign up or log in to your ProofSpace account only from your desktop browser.



On the "Single Sign-On" page, scan the QR code using the ProofSpace app. It will redirect you to the "ProofSpace Sign-In" interaction in the app.

To complete this interaction, you will be asked to share your “Verified Email Stamp.” If you haven't verified your email address before, please follow the provided instructions to do so.

For existing users: if you have multiple verified email stamps in your wallet, ensure you share the verified email address used to create your ProofSpace account. To choose the email stamp, click “You can choose another credential“ and select the corresponding one.

If you don't have the ProofSpace app and scan the QR code with your native scanner, you'll be redirected to the app store/play market to install the app. After installation, scan the QR code again and click “Proceed.”



On the new page, click “Create a Service.“

Create a new service

On the new page (My Services tab), click “+ Add Service.“

Choose your payment plan and click “Next.




On the next page, name and briefly describe your service.

Please do not use the word “Test“ in your service name.

When a mobile app user first views the home page of your service, they will see this description.

From the "Countries" drop-down list, select the country where the service will be available or select "Global" if the service will be available worldwide.

Select the category of your service from the "Categories" drop-down list (optional).

Your service will be shown in the list of services when the specified service category is searched.


Add banner and logo

Upload the service logo and banner

The logo will be visible next to the service name on the mobile app. The recommended logo size is 180 × 180 pixels.

The banner (optional) will be visible at the top of the service interaction screen.

We accept PNG images with a maximum size of 500 Kb.

The recommended banner size is 1200 × 600 pixels.




Select the checkbox next to “I Accept all terms and conditions,“ and click “Submit“.

Note that created and approved services are assigned a public identifier (DID), which will be written to the blockchain and cannot be removed in the future. You will not be able to delete an approved service, but only disabled it for the access of our mobile application clients.


Your service has been submitted for review. Here's what's coming up next:

Now, your service order has been sent to ProofSpace for review. This usually happens within 8 hours during European working hours. After we review your service order, we will send you access to your service and additional instructions by e-mail or contact you.



You will be able to edit the created service order only after the service is reviewed by the ProofSpace support team.

To delete this service order, click the "Delete" icon. Access to a service that has been deleted cannot be restored.



The service may be rejected by the ProofSpace support team if it breaches ProofSpace Terms of Use. In this case, the status of this service will be changed to "Rejected". We will contact you before rejecting your service order. After rejection, you will be able to make necessary changes to this order and send it back for review.



When your service is approved, it’s status will be changed to "Active."



Usually, we approve services in “Hidden mode.“ It means that your service will not be visible in the ProofSpace app. To get to your service's “Home“ page in ProofSpace app, scan this QR code with our app’s scanner.

When you build interactions in your sevice dashboard, you can request to make this service “Visible“ for ProofSpace app users.

To access your dashboard, click the “Open Service“ button on the bottom left corner