Clients Page









Navigate to the “Clients” tab

To see all the information about your clients, click on the “Clients” tab of the main menu.


By default, there will be only one column on this page that will show you the client's DID (Decentralized identifier of the client).



If you want to add information from the particular credential as columns of the “Dashboard” and “Clients” pages, you have to add a default required credential on the “Service Info” page. Read the “Select default service credential definition“ of the “Service Info“ page of the Knowledge base

Screen Shot 2024-02-02 at 00.31.51-20240201-223229.png


Set columns visibility

If you want to change the columns shown on your “Clients” and “Dashboard” pages, go to the and change your default service credential definition.



The data in each column can be sorted. See more info in of this overview.


Client Information Page

Select the client DID, and a page displaying all available information about this client will appear.

This page is divided into three tabs: "Client Info," "Credentials," and "Messages.m

You can find More info about this page on .



In the search bar, input the available client’s information and press the "Enter" button on the keyboard.

Press the cross in the search box to return to the original clients' list.

Creating new filter

See how to set up filters in the section of this overview.


Send notification

To send a notification, click the "Send notification" button. Fill in the title and text in the "Send notification" pop-up window.

These notifications will be received by clients currently displayed (filtered) on this page.

You can also propose an interaction to the client. Click on the "Proposed Interaction" field and select the interaction from the drop-down list.

Click “Send.”


Generate report

Click the "Generate Report" button to generate and download a report for all the displayed (filtered) clients in CVS file.