Client Information Page







“Client Info” tab

On the “Client Info“ tab, you can find the information from the “Default service credential definition, selected on the “Service Info“ tab.

You can find more info about the “Default service credential definition“ in the "Dashboard/Clients page column and data visibility" section of .

“Credentials” tab

The "Credentials" tab displays information about the client’s received and/or issued credentials. It also provides the ability to initiate credential issuance from the dashboard.


Issue credential (push from service)



To initiate the issuance of a new credential to the client, click the "Issue" button in the "Issued credentials" section of the “Credentials“ tab.

For information on setting up interactions initiating credential issuance from the dashboard (“Push from service” initiation media), visit the .


On the “Issue credential“ pop-up window, select the credential definition from the drop-down list. Fill in all the necessary fields.


Select the interaction that is needed to issue the credential from the drop-down list.

Click the "Issue."

The mobile app user will receive a notification "Your credential has been issued."


The data in each column can be sorted. See more info in the user manual for .


Send messages and proposed interactions to the client

See how to send a message to the client here.


Delete client



To delete a client, click the "Delete client" button, and then click "Submit."

Once deleted, this service and the client associated with this DID will no longer be able to communicate.

To reconnect, the client will need to execute any interaction with this service. This will result in the client receiving a new connection DID.

Credentials received from this service using the previous connection DID will still remain valid.