Service info Page

On the “Service info“ page, you can customize your dashboard settings.







Service Public DID

During the service approval process, the ProofSpace platform automatically generates a Decentralised Identifier (DID) for each service and publishes it on the ProofSpace blockchain.

This DID will be included in the metadata of each schema and credential definition created by your service.

Whenever credentials issued by your service are verified, the service DID in corresponding schemas and credential definitions will be checked against the record in the ProofSpace blockchain.

To copy your service's DID click the "Copy" icon.

Screen Shot 2024-02-02 at 14.31.16-20240202-123510.png


Advanced Features


We offer various options to customize your dashboard. If you want to create your own extensions and set up SSI OAuth for your service interactions, you can enable the "Advanced features" for your service.

To do so, check the "Advanced Features" checkbox.

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Experimental Features

For now, the "Experimental Features" includes the capability to build a goal-oriented flow (Custom Profiles) that combines interactions of your service and other services.

For example, if completing an interaction with one service requires the client to complete one or more interactions with other services, you can configure the sequence of these interactions.
This function is currently in experimentation mode. Please contact ProofSpace Support to configure and use this feature.

To enable "Experimental Features," check the "Experimental Features" checkbox.


Set supported languages

You can localize the names and descriptions of interactions and credentials' attributes for the mobile app users of your service. To do so, first, you need to add a new supported language to your dashboard.

To add or delete the supported language, click "Select" in the corresponding section of the “Edit service info” page. Check the checkbox next to the chosen language.

Click "OK."

You can find more info about localization here.


Dashboard/Clients page column and data visibility

The "Dashboard" page by default displays four system columns: DID (clients), Date, Interaction, and Status.

If you want, you can add data from any required (received) or issued credential that you use in your interaction(s) to the dashboard columns. The data from each of its attributes will be presented on your dashboard. You can also manually selected attributes from a selected default credential to show on your dashboard.

The "Clients" tab, by default, shows only the client's DID. If you set up the default credential for your service, “Clients“ tab will also display the data from default credential.











Select default service credential definition

To select the default credential, click “Select“ next to “Default service credential definition,” choose the “Required” or “Issued“ tab, select the default credential definition, click “OK,“ and then click “Done.“

You Can select only one default credential definition.

To change the default credential definition, click “Unselect all“ and select the new one.

Set column visibility

By default, all available columns are visible on the dashboard (system columns and columns from the default credential definition).

You can manually choose the attributes (columns) you want to see.

Click the "Column Settings”, make all the necessary changes and then click “Done.“

Selected attribute(s) will create the dashboard columns (all others will be hidden).

Note, if no column has been selected, this means that ALL columns will be visible.




Save changes

Once all settings are configured, click "Done" at the top right corner of the "Edit service info" page.